Friday, February 24, 2012

L’Oreal Color Riche Boozy Brunch

Hey guys ITS FRIDAY! I know Im definitely looking forward to the weekend (:
So the other day I finally picked up one of these new L’Oreal Color Riche nail polishes that are like all over every store I go to. When I first saw the display I didn’t really notice any one color that really stood out to me. Then once I carefully scanned all of them, the only ones that caught my eye was a sort of teal color and this one… Boozy Brunch. I do not have any true oranges in my stash so I thought this would be a good time to get an orange and try the formula.
Boozy Brunch 1
Boozy Brunch 2
Boozy Brunch 3
So, Im not the type of girl that lets my polish get chipped. Especially since my job specifically points out that the only way we can wear polish is if its nicely manicured and NOT chipped! The display claims that this formula will wear for 10 days. Just so happens that when I wore this, I got so busy I was not able to change my polish and ended up wearing it for like 3 days straight. It TOTALLY started chipping so I really don’t see how this could wear for 10 days.
With all that said, I do still absolutely love this. The formula was easy to apply and completely opaque at two coats. This last photo I think is the one most true to the actual color. And since I change my polish often enough for it not to chip on me, I don’t mind the fact it doesn’t/wouldn’t last the 10 days. Its definitely a bright creme but its for sure not a neon. I actually prefer that because it makes it a lot more wearable.
Im thinking Im going to need to go back and buy that teal color I been having my eye on, LOL.
Have any of you guys tried one of these L’Oreal polishes? Which one?


  1. omg I eye these every time I walk into the drug store but I just can't bring myself to buy them for some reason. They bottles and colors all look super pretty together but when I look at them individually .. *sigh* I just don't know. But that being said, this color is absolutely gorgeous on you and I would love to see what the teal one looks like as well.

  2. THANKS!! lol thats exactly how i felt when i looked at them! but i really am glad to have gotten this and i cant wait to go back to the store to get the teal... hopefully i love that one too!