Tuesday, February 14, 2012

China Glaze Love Marilyn

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hope everyone is having a good one so far. My boyfriend is so sweet! He sent me flowers and chocolates (: Today I have for you what I am wearing for Valentine’s Day. I know there are a whole lot of cute nail art tutorials out there but I must admit… I am not the best at nail art, LOL. So since Love Marilyn is a polish I really really wanted and for some reason the stores around me were always out of it, I thought it would be perfect to wear today (and any day really cause its so awesome).
The distribution of the red and silver glitter is perfect because neither one overpowers the other. Initially, I started applying it with only a clear base coat on bottom and putting Love Marilyn directly on top. That did not come out how I thought it was going to. It seemed like the glitter didn’t want to spread evenly throughout the whole nail which for sure would not have been opaque =/ So I took it off and decided to give it a little “help” by laying down a single coat of a bright red creme (I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure All Fired Up) and then put two coats of Love Marilyn over that and sealed it with Seche Vite.
IMG_0318 (640x574)
IMG_0326 (640x582)
So although the application was not exactly what I had hoped for, I am absolutely in love with the end result!! Having had to layer it over the red creme I used is nothing compared to how stunning this looks in person.
On another note. I’m not sure if you guys can even really notice… but my nails are short! And I’m going to have to keep them this way for my job which I actually start next week yay!! I did do some swatching over this past weekend where I did still have my longer nails so the next few posts will be with my longer nails. After that though, these are what they are going to look like. Just FYI.
So what do you guys think about CG Love Marilyn??


  1. Such a great glitter, this was a surprise favorite of mine from the Eye Candy Collection! Short nails--and this polish--look awesome on you btw.

  2. lol yeah im like in love with this color :) and thanks about my short nails, i was kind of like ugh but i just cant risk it with my kind of job!

  3. This is pretty! Perfect for valentines day. And I actually prefer the look of short to medium length nails over long. I wouldn't stress, your nails still look great!

    1. Thanks! I've always also preferred short/medium nails too. The only real reason I had let them grow somewhat was to start my blog since most bloggers have gorgeous long nails and thought it was more appropriate :) Thanks for the support!!!