Wednesday, February 8, 2012

China Glaze Blonde Bombshell

Hi there! Hope everyone is having a great day (: I just want to take a quick moment to thank you guys for checking out my blog. I have a gotten a great response from those who have and I am super excited and thankful for that. Hopefully more and more polish lovers will soon be tuning in!
Today I have a polish from China Glaze that is a part of the Eye Candy Collection, which actually are all glitters, that came out late last year. I picked two of these babies up this weekend, Blond Bombshell and Love Marilyn (actually Love Marilyn was on my wishlist so I can scratch that one off, yay!). But more on that one in a future post, I’m kinda thinking of sporting that one for V-day.
So, Blonde Bombshell has several different types of gold glitter floating around in a clear base. There is mostly a fine glitter that pretty much serves as a backdrop for the rest of them which are a small-medium glitter and some small bar glitter. I feel like the bar glitter is more easily visible in the bottle and not so much on the nail, unless you like really really look at it close.
Blonde Bombshell LighboxBlonde Bombshell Natural DaylightBlonde Bombshell Bottle
As far as application, it does go on slightly on the thin side but it definitely is buildable. I did use two coats but on my pinky you can kinda see some nail showing through. I used a bit of a heavier hand on the rest and they did turn out opaque. I did feel like it NEEDED a top coat. Before the top coat, it sort of looked like all one size of glitter and the top coat really made it shine and “define” the different glitters.
Overall, I do think it’s a really pretty gold. If you don’t have a gold glitter, this is nice because it’s so easy to work with and can be opaque on its own or layered over something else!
How would you guys wear it? Alone? Over what color?