Friday, February 10, 2012

Claire’s Glitter Polishes

Hope everyone had a great FRIDAY! I finished the first book of the Hunger Games Trilogy today (woo hoo!!) and I just started on the second one so I’m super excited for that (:
I have some polishes I recently picked up to show you. Two of the polishes are from Claire’s which are the first Claire’s polishes I’ve ever tried. The other is a really pretty dark blue from NYC that was marked down from $1.72 to ONLY $0.86!! Hahaha, how could I pass that up? Especially since I didn’t already have a color like this in my stash.
Claires Glitters
More pics and reviews below the jump!
First off I have NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in Pier 17. This is a really pretty dark blue shimmer. I am a sucker for creme finishes but I definitely love this shimmer. Its not too subtle or to overwhelming, just right. Applied opaque at two coats.
IMG_0237 (640x576)
IMG_0239 (640x576)
The next two are the glitters I got from Claire’s. This one here is Disco which is a medium holographic hex glitter in a clear base. I used one coat over NYC Pier 17 for the photos below. It did apply somewhat sparse but I am sure that a second coat would have made it cover a lot more. I actually enjoyed how it looked kinda spread out like that and it really does sparkle like a disco ball in person!!
Disco Lightbox
Disco Shade
Claire’s Bedazzled is pretty much like HAPPINESS in a bottle, hahaha!! This one is an absolutely gorgeous mix of different glitter sizes and colors in a clear base. There are some really small round light blue one, small hex orange and silver ones. The rest are a mix of medium hex glitters that are silver, gold, light blue, green, fuchsia, orange, and red. I also used one coat over NYC Pier 17 and it applied perfectly!
Bedazzled Lightbox
Bedazzled Shade
And a bottle shot!
So can you tell I really like Bedazzled? LOL! Honestly, I think this is the prettiest glitter I have and when I wore this combo I got so many compliments, yay. I do not own Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday but I can only hope that if I ever get my hands on it, that it compares to this beauty.

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