Friday, March 23, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games - Smoke and Ashes

Happy Friday!! Did any one go out and watch the Hunger Games last night or throughout the day today!? OMG Im super excited to go watch it this weekend!!
Okay so today I have the last of the four polishes I got from the CG Hunger Games collection! This is Smoke and Ashes which is a MATTE!! Usually I have seen companies put out matte polishes as their own collection of a few matte colors. I totally did not expect for them to sneak in a matte but I am so happy they did cause this polish is awesome!!
Smoke and Ashes is a dark charcoal grey with a fine metallic silver shimmer that dries completely matte. For the most part I know mattes can be pretty thick. I have worn this twice and did not have any issues with the consistency. I mean it is thicker than normal polish but I didn’t find it to be as thick as other mattes I have. It is completely opaque with one coat! I love it when that happens (:



Smoke and Ashes one coat. MATTE! (:

Smoke and Ashes one coat. Out the Door one coat.
Smoke and Ashes one coat. Luxe and Lush two coats.

So what do yall think? How would yall wear it? And to my reader that requested for me to post a pic of Smoke and Ashes with Luxe and Lush over top… I hope this helps you decide what to think about how they would look together! Thanks for reading (:


  1. Wow! I didnt know I would love it so much but the Luxe and Lush over it is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Actually this is Stone Cold. As that's the only matte in the collection I believe.